As you know, these past couple of months, I’ve been consistently posting one blog a day (expect on a Friday) and so far I’ve done a pretty good job at it. I wanted to reflect on everything that’s taken place and give you guys, my followers aka “The Hidden Ones”, (yes that’s our community name now and yes I’m corny AF for it) my thoughts and experience being a blogger/content creator on YouTube and full-time working man.

To start off, I can definitely tell you it wasn’t easy making the commitment to post one blog a day. There were times I wanted to scale back and just post one blog every 2-3 days but I stayed strong and persevered. I had originally planned to do the same for my YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/XtremePyroSonic – shameless plug) but once I had gotten a full-time job, it simply took a toll on me and I wasn’t putting in the energy I wanted into my videos. I haven’t abandoned my channel, in fact I’ve been streaming on it which frankly I’ve been enjoying a lot more and my subscribers seem to be enjoying it too.


For context, I’ve been blogging officially in 2015 and at that time I was still in college I believe. Funny enough, I had a lot more free time during college than I do now. Then I took a year off after graduating, and if you’ve been following me during that phase, you’d know that I was dropping 2-5 blogs a day. Right after that, I took a long-ass break from the platform due to lack of motivation then followed by getting my full-time work, but got motivated again in December 2017 to blog everyday.

Now, since I work at one of the Silicon Valley companies (not sure if I’m allowed to specify which one) I use my break times to compose one blog each day and I’ve been keeping that up ever since. Sometimes, I get tired and want to skip a day (like right now funny enough) but I power through it and get it done. It’s fun! I get to express my thoughts on anything I want and you guys seem to be enjoying it. It’s actually quite fulfilling.

What inspired me to keep this routine up is my desire to succeed and watching a content creator by the name of Roberto Blake. He is a fantastic motivator and one of his video made me stay motivated. Here’s the exact video that got me going:

YouTube player

Anyways, I just wanted to give you an idea at what its like to blog everyday. I would like to do it for videos on YouTube but I’m currently lost on that:

YouTube player
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