With Black History Month still been in full effect, I decided to highlight some content creators, both on YouTube & Twitch that I feel you guys might like to check out. I think its important to spread some positive energy and help each other grow. Even if my reach is small, if one person checks out at least one of the creators mentioned below, then that’s a job well done!

Now I actually made a video last year, highlighting some fantastic creators that I feel you should check out, so since my list hasn’t increased all that much from last year, I’ll be including the video, alongside with some new ones that I’d like to add to the blog. I apologies if I talked too fast, I know that’s one of the common comments I tend to get.

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Content Creators mentioned in that video:

Going along that list in the above mentioned list, I wanted to include sunsbookishgamesx in the mix. She’s a UK content creator that loves to play with knifes while she talks about her love for all things Nintendo and geeky stuff. I started watching her a while back and the one thing I like about her content is that she’s brimming with life and enthusiasm. She’s definitely worth checking out.

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Now another content creator that I enjoy watching is The Black Hokage. He is a fantastic content creator that I feel everyone should check out. He does a variety of contents, from reviews, podcasts, articles with his G.I. team etc. and has a level of authenticity that I’ve come to appreciate over the years. His humour are top notch and is a channel that I hold with high regards and would EASILY recommend to anyone looking for top quality content.

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Speaking of TBH, I wanted to highlight some Twitch streamer too but since I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to Twitch, I couldn’t contribute. Luckily, TBH made a outstanding video highlighting some of his favorite streamers and after watching it myself, I’ve followed a couple of them already. Check that video out below.

TBH’s 10 Twitch Streamers Worth Watching

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Streamers Featured
● Data Dave – https://Twitch.tv/data_dave
● AlexisAyeee – https://Twitch.tv/alexisayeee
● Prophecy – https://Twitch.tv/utxdaproph3cy
● Lemonque – https://Twitch.tv/lemonque
● Kalief – https://Twitch.tv/SpawnOnMe
● Shay – https://Twitch.tv/badgalshay
● Trepound – https://Twitch.tv/trepound380
● Samora – https://Twitch.tv/Samora
● Brandon – https://Twitch.tv/iAmBrandon
● Makay – https://Twitch.tv/msmakayyy
● Credits to JustRaque – https://Twitch.tv/JustRaque

And that’s it! But don’t let it end here, if you got some fantastic creators on your mind that you’d like to share, put them down in the comments below with a small description of who they are and why you watch them.

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