Since it’s Black History month, I thought it’d be cool to share with you guys some of my favorite Black/Dark skinned characters that I’ve had the opportunity to come across over the years. These range from design, story powers literally anything that made me go “Oh snap”!

PHARAOH ATEM – King of Games


The king of games himself was a character that surprised me when I watched Yu-Gi-Oh ask a kid. We all knew that the spirit residing inside Yugi Motto came from ancient Egypt, but it was still a pleasant surprise to know that the best duelist of all time was a dark-skinned character.

Ex-Captain Shihouin Yoruichi – Soul Reaper


Probably THE baddest chick I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching, from her first appearance, Yoruichi has consistently stayed in my top 5 favorite Bleach characters of all time. She’s funny, smart and incredible powerful, and is the captain of the 2nd Division and Commander of the Onmitsukidō. Yep, a power-house indeed.

Static Shock – Protector of Dakota City


Static Shock was the first fictional character that I recognized as a black super hero growing up. He was cool, smart and had these incredibly cool electromagnetic powers that he used in creative ways. I also really liked how the show tackled a lot of the issues most would’ve avoided and sent a positive message that still linger with me till this day.

Nitocris – Assassin

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Being a fan of the Fate series, I discovered a game called Fate/Grand Order. While browsing through the characters available, one stood out to me the most, and that was Nitocris. I honestly just like her designs and the way she’s portrayed. If there was an anime and she’s in it, I’d watch it…for the plot of course.

T’Challa – King of Wakanda

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Of course I gotta put in my boy T’Challa in this list. Now I’ve been a fan of Black Panther for some time now thanks to the comics. After realizing the depths of his character and his powers, I slowly grew to like Black Panther and what he represented. The Black Panther movie only served to heighten my love for Black Panther and Wakanda even further.

Spawn – Leader of the Hell Army


I was introduced to Spawn through Soul Calibur. The only thing I knew back then was how cool his abilities was and for the longest time just assumed that he was part of the Soul Calibur cast. He was awesome to use and was one of my go to characters at some point. It was only later on that I discovered that he was actually African-America. I then spent some time learning about the character and his history.

Huey Freeman – A Woke Rebel


Bruh, I loved the Boondocks, I’d say it’s up there with the likes of Family Guy and South Park in terms of humor. Out of the show, I really liked Huey Freeman’s character a lot. He was smart for his age and spoke about a lot of controversially things that most would shy away. Some of my favorite scenes though are him fighting with anyone who showed any signs of Martial arts experience.

Bayek of Siwa & Aya of Alexandria – The First Assassins


I’ve been a huge fan of the Assassin’s Creed series for a long time. Like many of you out there, I became unimpressed by the past releases, with each AC game losing its charm. However, that all changed with Origins. The main protagonists, Bayek of Siwa and Aya of Alexandria are two of my favorite Assassins in the series. Their dynamic and relationship was very interesting and following them go on their separate quest for vengeance was awesome.

Afro – Deadliest Samurai

197548 (1).png

Last on my list is Afro from Afro Samurai. I think this was the first anime that I watched in which the main lead was a black character. It was one hell of a anime. I was bloody, epic and featured some of the most gruesome kills at the time for me. Afro didn’t really say move but that’s what made him such a badass in my opinion.

And that’s it! Of course there are plenty of Black characters out there that I’ve missed but these are the once that I’ve come across naturally. If you have your own list, let me know in the comments below.

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