See, this was THE LAST thing I’d expect from Android 21. Who would’ve thought she’d have a transformation like that. It looks so damm awesome. A Majin/Android hybrid is something I didn’t know I needed until now.

In the latest V-Jump magazine, it was revealed that Android 21 in her Majin form will be the last character to join the roster for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Despite being an Android, her appearance is entirely Majin, even sharing the love of sweets. My guess is that she infused Majin cell into herself and gained that transformation as a result.

I’m not gonna lie, the transformation is sick but I wished they would’ve kept that a secret and allowed us to discover it for ourselves. Like, I already had the incentive to play the story for myself so there wasn’t a need to show this off. Then again, it’s a fighting game and the core selling point is the fighting mechanic and online community.

Thanks to ShonenGamez & Gematsu, we have some idea of what she’s bringing to the table:

Here are her stats:

  • Ease of Use: A
  • Power: B
  • Speed: A
  • Reach: S
  • Technique: S
  • Energy: B


Android 21’s special move, “Tasting Cut,” drives forward and grabs the opponent to relentlessly absorb their energy. She can then use the skills of the opponent she absorbed, such as “Kamehameha.” If she absorbs Krillin’s energy, she can use “Solar Flare.” In this way, the more you know your opponent’s characters, the more useful Android 21 will become. Her Meteor special move, “Hungry Time” turns the opponent into a macaroon and forces them out of play.

I was in a dire need for a badass female character to put on my team. If they don’t add Caulifla in as DLC, the Majin Android 21 has taken her spot on my team easily. She looks like she’ll be a blast to play it.

Let me know your thoughts on her? Do you like her design?

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