Monster Hunter: World reveals a brand new map called Rotten Vale and since I didn’t get a chance to express my thoughts on Coral Highlands, I thought now would be the perfect time to do so.

Capcom has released a nine-minute gameplay video of Monster Hunter: World showcasing the “Coral Highlands” area and a eight- minute game of  Rotten Vale. Coral Highlands is drop-dead gorgeous. The atmosphere & the aesthetics of landscape is so vibrant and colorful. Rotten Vale on the other hand is the complete opposite of Coral Highlands. It’s gloomy, desolate and reeks of death. Both maps seem like they are going to be  extremely fun to explore. I like the contrast between the two maps and it really highlights the diverse range of maps that are going to be available at launch.

You can check both of the gameplays below.

YouTube player
YouTube player


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