I have been waiting for months to get my hands on Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta and finally I got the chance to do just that. I was able to get into the early access of the open beta thanks to pre-ordering it and let me tell you that the game has most definitely lived up to the hype and praise it has received from both the DBZ and the FGC community.

I”ve played about four hours of the beta, first two hours where off cam to train and get the hang of the controls, and another two hours I was live-streaming it on YouTube. Despite been kicked out of the lobby multitude of times, the times where the game did work were fantastic. The game was easy to get into but difficult to master. I tried going online without the tutorial and despite me winning my first few games (I’m a veteran to fighting games), I decided to head back and complete the tutorials to give myself a better knowledge of the game. The tutorials did an excellent job explaining the mechanics of the game and it helped me do better online.

Vegeta-Dragon-Ball-FighterZ (1)

The team that I ran with was Goku, Beerus and Vegeta. I also played with Gohan, Frieza and Nappa for a bit but I didn’t invest a lot of time with them. The more matches I played, the more I began to understand the level of complexity in the game and the amount of mix ups in combos I could pull off. The game is really friendly to newcomers to fighting games and rewards anyone who’s willing to invest their time to get good at the game. The hate that this game has been receiving from the Xenoverse community is unwarranted. I assure you, if these same people gave FighterZ a chance, they would get hooked into it easily.

There isn’t’ much for me to say other than this game been utterly fantastic. I’m very impressed with the quality of the graphics and attention to details, but the combat mechanics really sold me on the game. If you haven’t tried out the beta, please give it a shot. Trust me, you won’t regret it. The beta starts 14th of January 2018.


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