I have to say, I was extremely worried when I first heard that Vegeta was going up against Jiren in episode 122 of Dragon Ball Super but after watching the episode, I am contempt with how they handled it.

The episode starts out intense, with the last remaining warriors getting ready to square off for the sake of their universes. I liked the way the started things off with Goku and Jiren walking towards each other, meanwhile we get camera shots of each of the fighters looking powerful. The animation and art in this episode was glorious. Takahashi once again did an outstanding job with the art/animation.

But we ain’t here to talk about art and animation, we’re here to talk about Vegeta and how he how valiantly fought against Jiren. At first, he got bodied by Jiren, no surprise there, but then he came back, surprised everyone by how he saw through Jiren attack patterns and even managed to land a solid punch and later on a powerful kick at Jiren.


However, we all knew Vegeta wasn’t going to win that fight, but seeing him hold his own against Jiren was good enough in my book. He survived not one, but two of Jiren energy attacks, that’s impressive enough.

Now what’s gotten myself and the rest of the community hyped up is the preview for the next episode of Dragon Ball Super, which teased the fact that Vegeta has indeed acquired a new form. Already, many in the community have dubbed this new form, “Perfected Super Saiyan Blue” and I would also agree to that as well as I can’t see it as anything else. His hair goes from a light blue shade to a more darker shade of blue and there seems to be more particle effects around him, similar to that of Ultra Instinct Goku.

There’s not much to say about it at this current time but it is pretty hype. All that we got from that preview is that Vegeta’s vision has been altered to some degree so it’ll be interesting to see how that will plays out. Overall I’m very pleased with this week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 and I’m really looking forward to episode 123.

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