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Asta Turning Into A Demon? Yuno’s Actually The Real Hero In Black Clover? A Twist To The Generic Shōnen Trope

So I recently just watched the latest episode of Black Clover and despite people disliking the anime, I’ve grown fond of it. It’s the embodiment of everything that makes up a Shonen and more. But what if that’s what they want you to believe. What if Asta, one the main protagonist of the anime is been set up to become a demon, and it’s Yuno who’s really going to become the Wizard King by slaying his own brother. That’s the discussion for today.

Please note, I have NOT read the manga. I am a strict anime viewer at the time of this written blog.

So as you may or may not know, the lore of Black Clover is simple, long ago a demon showed up and basically wrecked havoc across the land until a brave wizard stepped forward to put a stop to its carnage and was declared the Wizard King. As the story progresses, we’ll probaly learn more about that event but for now that’s all we got.

Asta and Yuno were abandoned at the same church on the same day. Raised together as children, they came to know of the “Wizard King”—a title given to the strongest mage in the kingdom—and promised that they would compete against each other for the position of the next Wizard King. However, as they grew up, the stark difference between them became evident. While Yuno is able to wield magic with amazing power and control, Asta cannot use magic at all and desperately tries to awaken his powers by training physically.

It’s the typical main character is the underdog, rivals OP and he has to overcome obstacle to achieve his dreams trope that we’ve come to expect in Shonen anime.

Now this is where things gets interesting. Like I stated before, the demon came out of nowhere and started attacking people. Asta finds a grimoire that gave him the ability to negate magic, and upon first accepting it, displayed a demon-shaped shadow from his own shadow. Coincidence, I THINK NOT!


I’m sure by now you’re seeing where I’m going with this. Asta has a black five-clover grimoire that not even the elite wizards are familiar with, it deflects and counters any magic, like anti-magic or something and it has a weird dark aura around it. The story depicts Asta as the lucky-go, high spirited guy, while Yuno is currently been depicted as someone who may fall into darkness. But that could all be a ruse.

In that very first episode when Asta accepted the grimoire, it was hinted that there’s a demon within that grimoire. Of course many shonen characters have had demon-like powers or demons within them in the past and who’s to say Asta will be any different, but having the fans believe that very notion could be what the writer wants us to believe.

This is all just a theory of course and everything I’ve said may never come true but just thinking about gets me a bit intrigued. That and with how Funimation have been pushing Black Clover as the next Naruto so soon leads me to believe that they may know something that we the fans don’t. And having Yuno be the one who kills Asta and becomes the Wizard King would phenomenal twist to this shone trope.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. I have been telling people for the longest that Asta has the Grimoire of the slain demon! It is too obvious. I always reference the picture you have above. When he first got his grimoire his shadow was that of a demon. I just told someone this theory today actually however, I can’t see what would make Asta suddenly turn evil.


  2. But what if your theory is what they want us to think? It could turn out to be something along Devilman Crybaby, where the good turns out to be bad. It’s been hinted a couple times that Yuno doesn’t Luke looking, and although he’s been praised for being amazing and likely to get the spot – him loading could make him snap.


  3. you never noticed his attitude through the whole show I think asta the hero and his sword is kinda like excaliber that’s what I think


  4. My theory is(will be spoilers) the demon is created. If you notice the hands of the demon glow different colors they resemble the colors of the stones that are being seeked through out the story. William Vangeance in my opinion is the leader of the cult rising up against the clover kingdom and is depending on yuno to get stronger. Probably because it takes a powerful mage to inherit the stones themselves and transform into the demon. But the one thing that doesn’t make sense if comparing asta to be the demon. The demon would be completely able to dispel all magic since thats what the sword can do. I think the demon is a powerful mage and the sword that was summoned by the first wizard king was the anti magic sword. Asta and Yuno are two separate power mages that combine into one mage. I can’t tell but i think the first wizard king has blond hair and green eyes. But has yunos features. Just my take on it. Will be cool to see the story unfold. Probably will be what the obvious is. I hope not.

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  5. What if the demon is using Asta in the regards that the magic of the girmoir isn’t to nullify but to take and store others magic and over time bring the demon back to power. Everyone else that touches the sword says it’s heavy and it feels like it’s taking their magic so asta would be the only person able to help the demon in that regard


    • The heavy part of the sword is because i wouldn’t be surprised if mages generally don’t work their body like asta does. Its been noted several time that asta is in such good shape its almost like he uses magic. But the draining part is accurate. When the wizard king Julius novacrono grabs it, the sword started draining his mana. I think you are onto something though. In the same episode where the wizard king grabbed the sword, he also couldn’t read the writing in the grimoir. The wizard king is an unparalleled magic geek meaning he is interested in anything magic. He also couldn’t read the markings on the stone tablet when he caught the villains responsible for the capital riot. Another theory i have, asta is the main hero. The newest sword he got can use magic when someone lets him borrow the power to do so. If you remember one thing, mages are only limited to one type of elemental magic unless they are equipped with relics. Asta’s sword is not limited to one type of magic. Just like the first wizard king summoned different types of elemental magic, asta might be able to do the same further down the line making him extremely powerful.


      • the sword draining thing i am pretty sure is that it drains magic to attack and should not be a linked to

        ullify but to take and store others magic and over time bring the demon back to power. Everyone else that touches the sword says it’s heavy and it feels like it’s taking their magic

        i am prety sure thats only the new sword that drains magic and he was able to ullify magic with the first sword


  6. Can’t be. Read the manga then. Make a theory when you’ve gone through it. I honestly think one day the demon will take over asta completely, but you know how his will is strong. Maybe he’ll be able to control the demon itself. And I don’t think the demon slayed at the beginning is the same asta has. The one is the manga looks very different.


  7. Perhaps Asta was born with antimagic, not chosen to wield it, that would explain why he has no mana, as his own magic ‘deletes’ mana, and if there is no reason to need antimagic, how would you ever know you had it in the first place?


  8. It’s precisely like Naruto and Sasuke.
    Naruto gets called the Jinchuriki of the nine tailed demon fox blah blah….
    Sasuke is well known for his good looks and his high skill in all areas within the ninja academy.
    This well relates to Asta and Yuno. I don’t think the creators would make Asta turn out to be evil and destroy havoc upon the Kingdom. I think that they might try to create a bond with the demon or Asta might take control of the demon due to his strong will.

    – I haven’t read the manga, but this is just my theory based on the resemblance between Naruto and Black Clover.


  9. To be perfectly honest I think there setting Asta to take the big fall and be consumed by the demon I mean granted his will is seemingly unbreakable so he could possible seize control of the demon and use it for his own sake but at the same time I’d like to see this story take a dark turn and Asta decides to embrace the demon inside of him and then conqour the Clover Kingdom and then dominate the world and grow so powerful he could dispell all the magic from the world and then become supreme ruler… just putting that option out there I mean baiscly that’s what I’d do if I was the writer… and some kinda epic showdown between Yuno and Asta with yuno desperate to save his friend say something like “Asta this isnt the real you blah blah..ect”. you know the whole spiel. And then Asta just as hes about to kill Yuno whispers to him but your wrong Yuno this has been the real me the entire time. Ofc I’m almost positive this story wont turn out this way but still I’m kinda a sucker for dark endings. But hey if theres anyone else who wouldn’t mind seeing that kinda ending leave a reply with how you’d like to see it play out.

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    • I completely agree. It would be amazing if the mangaka decided to do this.
      But I know that we’ll just get the same cliche shounen ending as usual. Good prevails over evil….blah blah blah. A heart of gold (Asta) can overcome any corruption. *Yawn*

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  10. Well, I mean sure but… the demon has features similar to the really powerful (mana loved?) clan, and they said that the demon grimoire was part of the clan. Also the sword in the same intro that is thrown at the demon… is it me or does it look like Asta’s main sword. Was that the one called the demon-slaying sword? I can’t remember. Perhaps there’s a back story behind the clan and they turn into a demon (mana is evil mebe?) and then the demon-slaying sword is used to kill the demon and Asta’s reincarnate has anti-magic to help…. etc. I don’t think Yuno is your guy cause he uses wind magic, perhaps Asta and Yuno like combine power? Asta had magic all along? Yuno’s pendant was acc Asta’s magic? Asta’s Spirit is the demon all along (not sure abt this one… feeling its a merch thing)? You got this far I am impressed XD


  11. The real twist is humans are the original evil ones who stole magic and the demon attack from the beginning of the story was actually retaliation from genocide on the races who the magic was stolen from. History is written by the victor.


  12. What if it turns out like Naruto sort off, the series is pretty similar. Asta gains control of the demon just like Naruto gains control of the demon in him and use it for the good. They are really similar to how Naruto’s dream was to be the Hokage and Asta’s dream is to be the wizard king. They gain control of their demons and work together for the good.


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