Happy New Year and welcome to the first blog of 2018. Today, I wanted to talk about Black Clover: Quartet Knights and what I’d like to see in the game.

Black Clover: Quartet Knights is a third-person shooting game based on the Black Clover series. It’ll feature events from the manga so I’d expect to see some time of story mode to help those who haven’t read the manga get a better understanding of some of the newer character on the roster. Speaking of the roster, I actually would like to see a diverse set of characters, each with their own unique play-style. Even if it sacrifices the number of characters available in game.

Yes, the trailer did show that to an extent but I’m talking about a higher level of character design and deep combat system. Basically if I’m playing Asta and someone else is playing Asta too, you’d be able to tell who’s mastered their respective characters.


Another thing I’d like to see is character creation. More and more anime games are starting to include some form of character creation option and personally I dig it. I like been my own character and fighting alongside the main cast its cool.

Lastly, I want is a great net code for the game. The online infrastructure has to be solid on release, this will determine whether the game will last for months or not. As they reveal more stuff, I might come back and add more but for now that’s all I think is important to make Black Clover: Quartet Knights great.

Let me know what you’d like to see in Black Clover: Quartet Knights.

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