EA has had one hell of a experience these past few months, from Star Wars Battlefront 2 to Need for Speed, and even UFC receiving backlash, EA is catching L’s at every turn. This actually got me thinking about one game that caught my attention at E3 2017 and made it on my list as one of the most anticipated games so far, Anthem, Bioware’s next game.

Anthem is an upcoming online multiplayer action role-playing video game being developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. It is slated for a 2018 release on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It’s a game that’s peaked my interesting when it was first revealed, and promised an experience like no other. It is a shared-world action-RPG,  were you and your friends are Freelancers—the bold few with the courage to leave civilization behind and explore a landscape of primeval beauty, and confront the dangers you find. With the use of your Javelin exosuits, each equipped with unique weapons and abilities, you are able to customize your Javelin with the gears that you’ve earned and explore through a contiguous open world.


It’s also the perfect game to riddle it with micro-transaction. Here’s my stance on micro-transactions: I am perfectly fine with them as long as they don’t impact gameplay or give another player an advantage of any sort. Making games ain’t cheap, so gaming businesses are looking for ways to supplement the development cost to make a profit, which is fine. However, what’s not fine is how EA’s been approaching micro-transaction. This worries me as its not just Battlefront, but NFS and UFC are affected by their twisted sense of micro-transaction.

So there’s no doubt in my mind that Anthem is going to be filled with micro-transaction. Now if EA (and that’s a huge IF) have learned anything going forward, we may only see cosmetics as micro-transaction for Anthem, heck I’d even accept XP booster as those in my eyes aren’t too bad. But if they don’t  change their policy and continue this road of pure madness, then I might not pick up Anthem. We showed them how we felt about Star Wars Battlefront so we gotta keep that pace going if we won’t true change.

Anyways, Anthem looks promising so far. Yes, I know what they showed us at E3 might  not even be what the game will end up being at release, but the concept is pretty cool and its been made by Bioware, who themselves have a lot of redeeming to do after they disappointing the Mass Effect fan base. I really hope EA turns a new leaf and get their act together but that’s just wishful thinking. Let me know how you feel about Anthem. Are you still hyped after seeing how EA handled Star Wars Battlefront 2?

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