YouTube is very interesting for a lot of reasons. It’s a platform that has allowed many individuals to achieve something many thought to be impossible at the time of its conception, the ability to start a business. Being able to have total freedom and control over your content while living that “exhilarating” lifestyle has become very tantalizing for many people, especially the younger generation. It’s so tempting that people have even opted to quit their jobs or drop out of school to pursue this lifestyle. But how viable is that lifestyle going to be in 2018 with the current climate?

I’m a YouTuber myself, although I’d much prefer to be labeled a content creator, as I feel the term “Youtuber” is limiting to one’s ability and locks you to just one category. Just like many content creator on YouTube, I create content to share my love of anime and gaming. Someday, I hope to make something out of it and be able to start my own brand, but for now I’m happy with my current state.

Others however have been blessed with an audience that adores them and have given them the stepping stone needed to turn their brand into a business. We’ve seen new stars rise and old stars burn out. We’ve seen Youtube change time and time again, with each version more annoying than the last. And all this comes down to one thing…well two things, Adapting and Creativity!


Being a content creator on YouTube is a taxing job, requiring you to be creative while adapting to the changes that can come at anytime, and if you’re not flexible enough, could spell the end of your lifelihood. Uploading every single day is NOT a requirement, but many have chosen this strategy to beat their competition in order to stay relevant. It’s a tough job that only those who make videos or have a good understanding of the platform will appreciate. It’s also an unstable and risky job.

YouTube is in a state of cleansing. After the whole “PewDiePie and Wall Street Journal” situation, things have become quite difficult for those that make their living online. With ad revenue literally been slashed in half and even more, many have opted to things like Patreon (which now has made things even more difficult for content creators with their recent policy changes) or doing deals with business to stay afloat. Some were fine with the demonetization phase but others took a huge hit from it. Then you have YouTube not properly promoting content creators’s videos on subscribers subscription list, leading  to more loses in revenue.


Makes you wonder, is it really worth taking that kind of risk? My answer is yes! Honestly you don’t have to sacrifice EVERYTHING, as in my opinion, that’d be damm near crazy, but risk is still involved and you know what they say…no risk, no gain! YouTube can open up doors you never thought you had access to, however, to get those keys, you gotta be smart about it. Make the right investments without breaking the bank. Be a master in Time Management and most importantly have a back up plan if all things fail.

Now I will NEVER advise anyone to quit their job or drop out of school unless you’ve secured a safe income plan. It’s unwise and with how things are looking, YouTube may integrate something that could be devastating for content creators in the future.

So let me ask you this, after reading what I had to say, are still willing to pursue this YouTube dream?


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