The Tournament of Power, a competition that puts the universe’s very survival at stake has given us some of the greatest memorable moments that most fans won’t soon forget, however, what would put the icing on that delicious cake would be seeing Vegeta, not Goku, win the tournament and ultimately be the hero that we all know he can be in Dragon Ball Super.

This is something that I feel most, if not, all of the Dragon Ball community wants to see. We are tired of seeing Goku save the day, time and time again. Don’t get me wrong here. Just like you, Goku will always be my favorite Saiyan raised on Earth, but its time we got an unexpected moment in Dragon Ball Super.

Vegeta has always been the punching bag for the villains. A means to demonstrate an opponents strength, to make the fans go “OH SHIT, VEGETA GOT BODIED”, and set our expectation and excitement high for when this new villain takes on Goku. But now this time, I feel like we may have a great opportunity to switch the roles here.

After the fight between, UI Goku and Jiren, everyone now knows just how monstrously strong Jiren is and to defeat him, you’d need to master or at least have a level of control over Ultra Instinct. What if in round two, Goku gets bodied and thrown off the stage? This would send a shock to not only the Universe 7 combatants, but also to the fans as well, as now we are left wondering, how the hell are they gonna pull through and win the Tournament?


Do you remember how you felt when you saw Gohan save the world from Cell, or when Trunks (never mind the BS) defeated Merged Zamasu and ultimately avenged his timeline. These were all great, epic moments that have gone down in history as something fans will make AMV of for years to come. Now picture this, the Prince of all saiyans, with the fate of his universe riding on his shoulder, coupled with a lost opportunity to visit Planet Sadala, facing off against Jiren. That would be beyond hype and honestly would make up for the years of bullshit that Vegeta went through by the hands of Toriyama.

I won’t sit here and list you the reasons why Vegeta should win the tournament as I’m sure if you’re a fan of the series and a Vegeta fan, you probably already know. Yes there’s Gohan, but he already had his moment, and frankly, if he has just one great fight that’d be enough to redeem him in my eyes.

Seriously, Vegeta is the most developed character in the Dragon Ball series. He went from a ruthless killer to a good father, had to swallow his pride multiple times to do whats right and straight up sacrificed his life for humanity.

What do you think? Does Vegeta deserve to win the ToP, or do you want it to be Gohan? Let me know your thought in the comments below.

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