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It’s been a while since I’ve written about a game that may never reach the west, however this one caught my interesting simply because I like anime and PvP. KurtzPel – Bringer of Chaos, features fast-paced action combat, team battles, cinematic ultimates, air combos, instant weapon switching, and more.

I’ve always wanted a game that would allow me to create my very own anime character and lets me duke it out with other players created characters. The game is being developed by KoG and there’s already two trailers out, one showcasing the character creation and the other featuring the actual combat mechanics.

This is the second game that has peaked my interest when it comes to creating an Anime based character, that actually looks anime. The first being Peria Chronicles, an Anime Sandbox MMORPG. Maybe one day we westerners will get to experience these fine games too. One can only hope…and tweet the hell out these devs and publishers.

Now I’m not sure if this game will have some sort of PvE content but honestly I rather they focus on nailing down the PvP aspect and try to balance the game out. Let me know what you think about Kurtzpel.

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