So recently the news source outlet, MyNintendoNews  posted an article that will have all fans of Nintendo shaking their heads at this info. Apparently Nintendo is banning, yes, banning YouTube Livestreams as part of Nintendo Creators Program.


This is absolutely ridiculous and it just blows my mind that Nintendo is still to this day, thinking backwards when it comes to content sharing as if its still 2003. Streamers and content creators are essentially FREE advertisements outlets for companies like Nintendo, reaching a much wider audience for almost €0 and many of these businesses have embraced this new culture in the gaming community and have worked along side these creators to better promote their games.

However, Nintendo apparently still does not see the value of that relationship and has chosen to instead fight against it and make playing Nintendo games extremely difficult for content creators. Now is the time that we let Nintendo know how we will about their new policy. Along with tweeting your frustration to Nintendo, content creators should in my opinion, actively choose to not cover any Nintendo products and basically boycott their games in its entirety from their channels or streams.

Personally I would go a step further and say if you really feel frustrated by this policy, then you shouldn’t buy their games but that’s going a tad bit far, plus not many people would actually do it so there’s that. What do you think about all this? And how would you approach this new policy by Nintendo.

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