So we got a brand new 4 minute SDCC 2017 trailer that gives us a nice looks at what we can expect from this new Justice League.

Now I’ll be the first to say this, I wasn’t too fond on the Superman v Batman, however the Wonder Woman one was excellent in my opinion so I have some hope left for DCEU. You can even tell that by the first few minutes of the trailer. They showed off Wonder Woman the most, clearly wanting to remind fans that the got one right .

Anyways after watching it I can say that its looking pretty cool. All the characters look badass, the dialogues so far are pretty good and the visual…well that speaks for itself. Personally, I was more concerned in seeing how they would handle the Flash ability the most as he’s one of my favorite DC characters and I’m glad to say that it is looking pretty clean.

Aquaman actually surprised me in this trailer too, I was expecting him to be this serious, “got not time for fun” type of guy but after seeing him literally surf-crash one of those demons into a building, he’s gotten my attention. Here’s hoping he doesn’t disappoint. Now Cyborg was what has gotten me a bit worried. I know this movie is set in the period in which he has just recently gotten his cybernetic body part, but the dialogue he had with Alfred felt too monotone, but that may be because its just one line. Hopefully he’ll perk up more in the movie.

Now near the end of that trailer, we see Alfred speak to someone about hoping he’s not too late to join the fight. Now my guess and I’m sure this will be everyone’s guess too is that it’s Superman, but if it is indeed him, why would he stop at Alfred’s place? Why not just fly straight to the battle and super hero land on these hoes?

So here’s what I’m thinking. It’s either Shazam or the Green Lantern. Most likely Shazam, seeing as there was a red cape near the bottom right corner of the screen. Either, this movie is looking pretty nice and I hope it delivers.

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