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Netflix’s BRIGHT Actually Looks Kinda Cool

AT first I was kinda skeptical of this new Netflix original film starring Will Smith & Joel Edgerton, but after seeing the first official trailer, Bright is looking kinda dope.

To give a quick run down on what this film is all about, Bright is an upcoming American urban fantasy crime action thriller film directed by David Ayer and written by Max Landis. The film stars Will Smith as a Los Angeles Police Department police officer who teams up with an Orc cop, played by Joel Edgerton, in a world of both human and mythical creatures.

Off the bat I can already tell that I’m going to like this movie as it has all the element that I like, the humor was on point in my opinion, the soundtrack sounded great and the overall tone of the movie easily grabbed my attention as I’m sucker for this type of shit.

Also I get the vibe that this film will try and touch on a lot of the things that is currently going on in this world, such as race, diversity and all that good stuff so hopefully they’ll execute it well without coming off as forced or preachy.

Bright is set to premiere on Netflix on December 22nd.

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