So after the hero festival finally concluded, My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 13 (26) focuses more on the downtime of that event and the young heroes taking up internships..

Now I won’t lie, there isn’t much for me to talk about in this episode but I’ll highlight some of the things that got me a bit interested. So My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 13 (26) starts off with young heroes being tasked to come up with their own hero names. It was pretty interesting seeing everyone coming up with some rather bizarre names for themselves, Shiny boy especially. It’s here that the episode cuts to Iida in the hospital and we learn that his brother is out of commission for good. As if things couldn’t get worse of Iida, his brother then bequeaths his hero name to him, if he chooses to accept it. This is the first instance of something severe happen in this show where things don’t always work out, and trust me there’s more to come.


However Iida couldn’t accept the name right off the bat, as he felt that he isn’t worthy of such a title. Meanwhile Deku decides that his hero name is going to be “DEKU”, turning his once negative insult into something positive. I personally think this was cool moment for Deku and shows great progression as a character. We later see him meet up with All Might who had received news that Deku has in fact received a invitation or a request for him. It’s here that we learn that the person who requested for Deku is none other that Gran Torino, All Might’s former teacher. Now judging from how scared shitless All Might was when he found out and delivered the news, it’s safe to say that this guy’s no joke.

Anyways nothing much happens in this episode that comes to mind but overall it did set things up nicely for major things to come. And after seeing that preview and mid season trailer, yeah things are starting to get interesting. Let me know your thoughts below.

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