It’s the final showdown to determine who will win the first-year sports festival My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 25, and Bakugo’s looking forward to proving that he ‘s deserving of the number one spot, however thing don’t go has planned…

Honestly I was hoping that we’d get a much better fight between Bakugo and Todoroki but I get that this was meant to be a disappointing fight for Bakugo. Even though the fight between Bakugo vs Todoroki wasn’t as hype as the last episode, we still got a good amount of progression in terms of the story. Even though Baguko’s a loud mouth, it’s easy to forget that this guy is very proficient when it comes to fighting. When Bakugo threw him with his quirk was awesome and how Todoroki was skating  in response to that was pretty dope to see.

The ceremony was pretty cool too, Bakugo’s been chained up like that was hilarious to see but I do wonder if we’ll ever get a insight as to why he’s always so damm angry. Seeing Todoroki trying to come to terms with himself and his past, and he finally decides to visit his mum in the hospital was great character progression for him.

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Meanwhile Iida finally makes it to the hospital to see his brother in critical condition. We haven’t gotten the asked details to his injuries or whether or not he’ll be able to resume his role as a hero. I’m pretty sure this will be a cataclysm for Iida and will must likely push him to become an even stronger hero. But judging from the preview it seems that he’s out for blood. Guess we’ll have to wait for more next week.

Anyways we even got a small after credit of everyone’s daily life which was pretty cool. Overall it was pretty dope episode.

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