We finally leaned something new regarding the mysterious individual behind these recent ghost attacks and the introduction of Nue…

So the episode starts out with Boruto and his friends visiting the Class rep in the hospital. Boruto blames himself for the incident, which in a sense isn’t really his fault and we learn why later on. Naruto shows up and warns his son that his “little investigation” should stop immediately as the Ghost incident are getting worse by the day. Of course Boruto argues with his father until Shino steps in and defends the boys. Soon after the boys begin to obverse the multiple case while on post duty, with each cases always leading to them been a minute late to the crime scene.

This is when Shikadai figures out that they may be watched by the individual behind the ghost attacks. Now I don’t know why but the scene were Boruto had an argument with his own shadow clones made me laugh out loud. It’s things like that that make the anime great. Anyways, Shikadai invites his fellow classmates to help monitor the four sections of the village to try and catch the culprit. The were able to catch the guy, which prove that they’ve been watched the entire time. Makes you wonder though, in the first initial attacks, did he let them see it and if so why?


As it turns out the individual is gathering negative chakra in order to awaken a beast named Nue, that’s behind the gates locked with Hashirama’s cells. When you look up the name Nue, it’s description matches the silhouette we’ve been seeing through out the Boruto episodes. According to it’s description, it has the face of a monkey, the legs of a tiger , the body of a Japanese Raccoon Dog and the front half of a snake for a tail.

Also note that the village is divided into four section, exactly like how the Nue needs a combination of a northeast Tiger, a southeast Snake, a southwest Monkey, and a northwest Qian (dog and wild boar) to form. Interesting huh? It safe to say that Boruto’s eye may in fact be able to see the spirit world in which Nue resides in. This is a sense make Boruto like Aang the Avatar, a bridge between the living and the spirit realm.

What’s more, Mitsuki as I had suspected, knows something about these attacks to some degree and probably with tell Boruto about it in the next episode. Anyways these attacks have been getting more and more vicious, and I willing to bet that this Nue creature is probably either running out of time or rushing its revival for a particular reason. Overall I’m really hyped that we’ve finally made some progress on this Ghost case and gotten a name for the beast.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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