The reunion of Goku and Frieza was perhaps  one the best thing that came out of Dragon Ball Super Episode 94.

So the episode starts out with Goku stuffing his face with food. Classic DBZ moment here. It’s weird because after seeing that scene, it came to attention that it’s actually been a while since we’ve seen Goku  munch down on some steak. However I still felt like that scene wasn’t really necessary for the progression of the plot.

Anyways while discussing the return of Frieza, Sidra and Quitela were discussing their plot to assassinate Frieza before he has a chance to participate in the Universe Tournament.  At first I was kinda annoyed at the fact that the other gods of destruction were trying to interfere with revival of Frieza but eventually I’ve warmed up to the idea after seeing  what episode 95 holds in store for us. It was also pretty cool to see 18 & 17’s interaction but not much came after it. Piccolo’s interaction with 17 was pretty cool too, the fact that he thanked 17 and welcomed him to the team was great and in a way, abide small, character development again for Piccolo and 17.


Now lets talk about the best portion of this episode, Frieza’s return. This was pretty dope. The moment Frieza step in the scene, the entire vibe of the episode changed completely, and did a great job in creating cold and frighting scene, a sense of uncertainty.

Seeing Frieza sucker punch Goku and Goku sucker punching him back set the tone for their encounter and future teamwork pretty well. Soon after we get the reunion, Goku is told that he has company. We see they’re surrounded by about a dozen, maybe two dozen assassins, waiting to kill Frieza. This is when we get one of cleanest transformation sequences and animation in Super. Frieza’s transformation in Super was actually slightly better than in the movie and it was executed perfectly.

Overall this episode was actually awesome. The first half of the episode felt like it dragged on slowly but once we got to Frieza the pace started to pick up. The next episode is going to be pretty interesting as I’m quite looking forward to how Goku will handle a rampaging Frieza. Let me know your thought on this episode.

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