Following the fantastic episode that was My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 10 (23), the episode continues on with the remaining semi-finalist duking it out for the final spot in the tournament in My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 11 (24) .

So after the fight between Deku and Todoroki, Deku was informed that he will no longer be receiving healing for his future injuries sustained from the One for All. Feeling like he failed All Might, Deku is left in distraught, only to find out that All Might was once too quirkless. But their talk did give us something interesting to speculate on. Can you imaging just how powerful Todoroki would’ve being he had being the one chosen to be the next host of One for All. He would’ve being broken as fuck as a character. Anyways besides their talk, nothing else really took place after that.


Most of the fight concluded rather quickly so there’s not much one can actually talk about. It all ended up leading to the final fight between Bakugo vs Todoroki. Now here’s where things starts to pick up. Iida’s brother, Ingeniumu made contact with a villain known as Hero Killer Stain and after a short encounter, is lying on the pool of his own blood. Whether or not he’s dead has yet to be confirmed. It’s the first dangerous villain we’ve being introduced since season 2 so it’ll be interesting to see what he’s capable of doing.

I can already see Iida going on a quest for vengeance to get back at this killer and Deku trying to persuade him out of it. Stain’s comment was rather interesting, abide strange. When you really think about it, the concept of “hero” in their world is slightly different what we’ve been accustomed to and his goal is to bring it back to the way it’s meant to be will be met with resistance.

Anyways, overall I thought that this episode was rather interesting, but if I’m being honest I’m more looking to Bakugo vs Todoroi’s fight. Hopefully it won’t be a rushed fight seeing as this is the final round to the tournament.

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