You know, it’s starting to get more and more difficult to start a Attack on Titan review without using the word “epic” and/or “amazing” but I will have to continue the trend with episode 11 (36) as we see the scouts chase after Reiner & Bertholdt to save Eren. The animation and facial expression, especially Mikasa’s and Armin when he spoke to Bertholdt was fantastic.

The more we see Reiner and Bertholdt continue to strive for their so called “home”, saying things like “there’s no future behind the walls”  while watching their fellow ex-comrades die,  makes me wonder which side is actually right. Of course it unforgivable what Reiner and Bertholdt have done but this is getting hella intense. We got a little more backround as to what motivated Ymir to follow Reiner.

At first I thought that maybe she knew something about the history of the titans but it was revealed that she stole the power of  titan and has being on the run from those people and Historia’s family are the center of all of this. There’s so much mystery behind the titans and everyday I’m tempted to go read the manga because of it.

Mikasa took her badassness to a whole new level that’s straight up scary. She’s a cold blooded savage and I couldn’t like her more if I could. When she was saying that she had no room for more people and that she’s ready to kill anyone who gets in her way, I was nodding my head going “yeah, yeah, fuck these traitors”. Makes you almost forget who’s actually being hunted here.


While the recruits attempted to reason with Bertholdt, Commander Erwin charges forth in a desperate strategy to topple the Armored Titan. By doing that he lost his arm in the process. However even while in the clutches of a Titan, this man showed his dedication to humanity and didn’t lose his composure but instead continued to lead his recruits by yelling “ADVANCE!”. I have so much respect for this man now.

Armin continues to impress me more and more with each passing episode. His quick thinking once again changed the situation, using Bertholdt feeling for Annie to his advantage, he manipulated Bertholdt into losing cool, given Erwin the opening he needed to strike. They managed to save Eren but now the face a whole new problem. The titan that ate Eren’s mother has shown up and it’s going to be interesting to see how that will turn out.

Overall I thought that this episode was filled with a lot of hype moments, great animation and awesome facial expression. I can’t wait for next week’s episode.


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