So this episode was pretty cool, nothing too special but overall a decent episode.

Episode 10 was one of those chill episodes with nothing too major happening. Boruto Shikadai and Mitsuki spent the entire day looking for the dark chakra which Boruto has now dubbed “Ghost”.  It was fun seeing Hinata actually pull the “mum face” on Boruto, given us a perspective to what Boruto meant when his said that his mum is scary when she’s angry.

Anyways, while Boruto’s team were looking for the Ghost, the adults uncovered a new alarming news regarding the ghost incident. It turns out that whoever was stealing the civilians chakra has the ability to use wood style to some degree, which led Sai to conclude that the culprit might involve the Hashirama cell technology. That’s pretty cool to hear as we will be able to hear more about certain aspect of the Hashirama cell and maybe a little more about the foundation and what happened to them.


Most of the episode was pretty chill, the part with the whole mail thing was pretty OK to see but I wouldn’t be mad if the took it out. The best part of the episode actually ended up being the cliffhanger, in which we see the class rep completely wrecked and under the collapsed water plant building. It’s going to be interesting to see how Boruto will react after seeing her friend in such a condition and if that trauma will trigger something in Boruto.

Anyways there’s not much really to say unfortunately, this episode was mostly on some chill stuff so it ain’t all too bad I mean we got to see a angry Hinata so it’s all good.

Let me know your thought on this episode.

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