This episode truly is the epitome of fan service, and the good kind too. Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 gave us the return of Frieza, Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla and Kale’s legendary Super Saiyan transformation all in one episode…

Listen, say what you will about this episode, say what you want about Caulifla mastering SSJ2 and Frieza’s return but you have to admit that even with all of that, this episode was entertaining as hell. This also gives concrete proof that the Saiyans in Universe 6 are clearly more advanced and stronger than the saiyans in Universe 7. If Caulifla is able to master SSJ2 so quickly and effectively, there’s not doubt in my mind that they will easily obtain the god form. At this point its only a matter of time.

We also saw Kale’s true power unleashed and although it wasn’t as chaotic and crazy like Broly’s, it still was force to be reckon with. Now I highly doubt that she’ll be able to master that form in time for the tournament so it’ll be interesting to see how she’ll perform in the tournament. Now lets talk about the interaction between Goku and Frieza. Actually before that, I wanna touch on something real quick.


Before Goku took off to recruit Frieza, Whis mentioned something rather interesting. He states that there’s a mortal who was strong enough to surpass the power of a god of destruction, even beaten Beerus in an arm wrestle. Now if this was Beerus who’d said this I would’ve have called it a lie, however since Whis isn’t known to lie, this makes it all the more interesting. I wonder will they ever reveal this said individual.

Anyways, Goku goes to hell to talks to Frieza and we finally got the crazy demand revealed and it’s exactly what we’ve expected. He wants to be revived. Now I don’t know if Goku and his friends will go through with it as Goku is no Steve Roger when it come to keeping his word, so it’d be interesting to see how that will go. The interaction between Goku and Frieza was beyond cool, seeing Goku control the negotiation process was badass to see. And the fact that Fireza said that he could get even stronger didn’t just pique Goku’s interest, it piqued my interest as well. I can’t wait see what he’ll bring to the table.

Overall I enjoyed this episode, I can’t wait to see the interaction that will be born from Frieza’s return and what Kale’s powers. Let me know your thoughts.

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