It’s been a good minute since I’ve done a review for Attack on Titan, but episode 10 of season sparked my interest once  again…

In all honestly, even though there wasn’t a whole lot of action in this episode, I actually quite enjoyed it. We got a lot of character development on all the key characters, and mostly on Ymir. At first I wasn’t vibing with Ymir when she was first introduced in season one, but after this episode it made me appreciate her even more as a human. Thanks to her we’ve learnt something huge about Ymir’s past and the titan form.

In the scene were Ymir and a bunch of other prisoners are being executed, we see that they’re being turned into titans as punishment. If you paid close attention you’d notice as the girl was pushed over the wall, a spark of lightning followed suit. Something we see then humans transforms into a titan.

That alone is extremely interesting. It means that all those titans we’ve seen so far in this series could potential be humans who have been trapped in that form for untold amount of years, forced to eat humanity in hope to regain humanity themselves. This sounds like something out of Dark Souls right?


It also doesn’t help that we got that sort of confirmation of that the titan that had crashed on top of Conor’s house was in fact his mother. The plot continues to thicken but finally the pieces are slowly coming together.

We also learned that Ymir has been wandering around as a titan for almost 60 years before reverting back to her human form. She must have eaten enough humans to revert back, which going back to what I said above, could explain the extinction of humanity. I’m just guessing here but it could be true. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed this episode. Seeing Ymir past help gibe a more broader image of what these titans could be and hopefully we’ll learn something about them real soon.

Let me know your thought’s in the comments below.

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