Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few months or on a secret anbu mission and out of the loop, you would’ve heard about Boruto’s eye and how it’s the star of hope. Now the question is, what exactly is the star of hope?…..

From the beginning, I was one of the many people who objected to the idea that Boruto’s new eye having any relation to the Tenseigan, a dōjutsu possessed by Hamura Ōtsutsuki and his descendants. Using the lore, we know that the Tenseigan was first manifested by Hamura Ōtsutsuki. It is also possible to manifest a new Tenseigan by combining the chakra of Hamura’s descendants within the Ōtsutsuki and Hyūga clans. When an Ōtsutsuki implants the Hyūga clan’s Byakugan, the combination of their chakra will transform the Byakugan into the Tenseigan.

It is true that Hinata inherited the chakra of Hamura and his descendants during her fight against Toneri but it was never stated that she’d lost or kept that chakra, so that’s where things got a little tricky. But now looking at Boruto and his eye, it’s safe to assume that Hinata has in fact kept the chakra and during those years has melded with her own chakra until she gave birth to Boruto.


The sclera in Boruto’s eye however could be the results of having Naruto’s chakra in his own chakra, leading to the mutation we see today. However it is very difficult to call it a true Tenseigan since it doesn’t follow the proper pattern needed to achieve the eye, the shape nor does it have the lotus pattern. Boruto was conceived from a father who has learned and absorbed sage chakra, holds a small portion of all 9 tailed beast, inherited the chakra from Hagoromo and has a mother who is a pure blooded Hyuga that has inherited the chakra of Hamura. When you look at it like that, all bet’s are off.

Anyways, lets move on and talk about this Star of Hope deal that’s going to be the main drive behind Boruto’s story. In the anime, Toneri revealed himself and told Boruto of his destiny to save the world and warned him of an impending danger that’s approaching. When you look at the world of Naruto, it’s difficult to see another major threat arising from it that will plunge the world into chaos. Then again we have people like Chino and her Ketsuryūgan who popped up outta no where to move the plot along. All I’m saying is that there’s a whole wide world out there with hidden secrets and like the real world, is ever evolving.


There’s also a pretty good theory of one being created, called A GENETIC SLAVE: KAWAKI’S STORY Theory which I think you should check out but I’m leaning towards a different theory.

My theory is that his eye may in fact a special type of Tenseigan, one that’s designed to achieve a specific task. All we know that Boruto is able to see chakra that no one else can, so is he seeing the spirit realm? For argument sake lets go with that for now. What can the Tenseigan do exactly? Well we know that it has the ability control attractive and repulsive forces, it is capable of moving the moon towards the Earth as we saw in The Last movie but more importantly it has the capability of revive a planet in the event it was destroyed. My guess is that the Star of Hope is essential the hope that the planet can be restored in the events of a disaster and Boruto’s eye is the natural way of accomplishing it. A rebirth if you will. It’s like he’s the avatar, a bridge between the living and the spirit realm.

We know that there were two stars foreseen by Toneri, one of which confirmed to be Hope, the only thing that is a direct antonym to hope is Despair. So if I’m reading into this correctly, and taking into consideration the events with Kawaki and Boruto, the first star, the Star of Despair will strike the world covering it in darkness and leaving it in ruins, while the Star of Hope will cleanse the world from despair and restore hope upon it once again.


It sorta makes sense, and with Momoshiki saying that Boruto’s eye will take everything away from him, there’s  no doubt that despair will fall on the world first, before having hope restored to the world. So if there is a star of despair, their powers would have to be the opposite of Boruto in every way. They may not even have a dōjutsu but instead something entirely.

Now we don’t know what the mark that Momoshiki gave to Boruto will contribute to this event yet. It could be that this mark could help turn the favor to Boruto but it’s too soon to tell at this point. Anyways let me know what you guys think in the comments below.

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