After episode 90 of Dragon Ball Super, Gohan made a statement that he was to reach a new level of power, different from that of his father and since then I’ve been pondering on what that power could be or what form it could take…..

Before we get started I want to address a couple of things that transpired in Episode 90. During Goku and Gohan’s fight, fans of the series (well the loud minority), have been fixated on the fact that Gohan tanked a full powered Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken Gokun and survived, bring up the question that the powerscale in Super is in constant state of…well for lack of better description, bullshit. Now I’ve personally have had a problem with the power scale in the anime but that’s a talk for a different day. The only logical conclusion I can draw from that instance is that Goku wasn’t trying to KILL his own son and held back to some degree. It is also good to note that Gohan, while out of training for a while, is still a reasonable strong fighter, with a huge amount of hidden potential. So to make a long story short, let’s just say Goku held back his punch just enough that he didn’t destroy his son’s pride while displaying a level of respect to his son’s wish.


Now unto the main topic at hand. Gohan specifically said that he’s going to reach a new level of power separate from that of his father so I would assume that god ki is out of the question. So what is it then? It could be the same transformation that Future Trunks achieved near the end of the Zamasu Arc.

So what do we know about Super Saiyan Rage? Well, we know that it involve rages and anger, but there might be more to it than that. Let’s look at the Super Saiyan form for example. It is said that to achieve the Super Saiyan transformation, it comes in response to a need, you gotta have high enough battle power above the standard level, a calm heart, sensing extreme danger, and feeling strong anger or sadness. In Trunks case, he experienced a level of anger so great towards Zamasu and a desperate need to save his time so bad that he underwent a new sort of Super Saiyan state.


Now I have been theorizing that there’s another factor at play here. Trunks has been accumulating a great deal of sadness over the years and a great desire to save his world, so when Zamasu showed up and basically destroyed everything and blamed it on him, all those emotions overwhelmed Trunks to the point of breaking him and pushed him to the state we now know as Super Saiyan Rage.

Now, some believe that Trunks absorbed some of the god ki that Vegeta “gave” him when he sparred with him, but if that were to be the case, then literally every person that has ever fought Vegeta or Goku in their Blue state has absorbed the god ki to some degree and that wouldn’t make any sense now would it? God ki can’t be absorbed by another being through physical contact, heck it can’t even be sensed. Either you go through the ritual, train with an angel or you’re flat out of luck.


Anyways back to what I was saying, there’s a chance that Gohan might achieve a similar form Trunks got, but seeing the conditions that Trunks was under, it may not happen. Yeah, Gohan is fighting for the sake of the Universe and during the tournament, when things look like they’re going south, a great need for power will be stimulated but I don’t think it will be as intense as Trunks in a sense. It’s true that throughout the Survival Arc, we’ve seen Gohan getting more and more stressed about the tournament but that still wouldn’t be enough to achieve the Rage form if we’re basing it on my theory. He’d have to lose a lot of people in his life to trigger that level of rage or a need for more power.

Now let’s look at the Ultimate form or Potential Unleashed. It’s a powerful transformation that brings out their full dormant potential and focuses it to push their power well-beyond their normal limits. That doesn’t sound like a form that can be pushed to another level, seeing as the purpose of that transformation is to bring out all of your potential in battle. So what then? Is he getting a new form or what?

I wanna say yes, since Gohan himself said it in the anime but with Dragon Ball Super, shit is sometimes unpredictable. I mean, for months now we thought Buu was gonna fight in the Tournament of Power, but later we learn that the fat bitch has gone asleep for two months. We thought we’ve seen the last of Frieza, nope that’s a lie. We thought Goku couldn’t use Blue Kaioken often due to the strain it puts on the users body, but nope he’s fine now cause he’s spamming that form a like it ain’t nothing to him.

My point is that it could be that Gohan may be referring to reaching a level perfection with the Ultimate form to the point of it rivaling God form and that could be his own power. Either that or he’s planning on fusing the Ultimate form with his Super Saiyan Form to bring the full potential of the Super Saiyan transformation but that too wouldn’t really make sense. However seeing that Trunks pulled a new form outta his ass and killed Zamasu (which by the way was bullshit), logic as gone out the window with this series a long time ago so anything goes. Heck we even got a recon of the Legendary Super Saiyan as a female character, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if they decided to make something cannon in a way, say SSJ4? Nah, but that would be cool! My goal was to rule out the other possibility and seeing what’s left.

Anyways let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below!

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