Well this issue #6 of Injustice 2 was full of surprises that I wasn’t expecting…

So as it turns out the power outage on Superman’s red sun cell was just a diversion to break out Damian Wayne. So that rules out the possibility that I had in my previous review of him being the evil Batman. Now I’m more curious than ever to find out the identity who this evil Batman. Superman was quickly dealt with by Atom so I guess he doesn’t escape in the comics yet. Going back to Damian, its seems that he still retains some of Batman’s teaching, as we saw that he wanted to spare Turpin. I guess he’s more of “if a villain kills, he deserves to be killed” type of guy, unlike Supes who’s gone full blown tyrant. However, his saviors had other plans and shut Turpin down. RIP Turpin.


That’s when we got the revelation that Damian actually has a sister in the Injustice universe, which makes me wonder when did Batman have the time to go make baby no.2. Her name is Athanasia ra Ghul and it’s looking like they might be setting her up to be the next Batgirl, if she’s not pure diabolically evil. They did refuse freeing Cyborg as they didn’t agree with the Regime controlling the world, rather that they fight “for” the world.

Anyways, this issue was actually pretty good. My favorite part being Haley, lying to Oliver and getting everyone triggered. With Injustice 2 now out, I’m sure that most of the story are already revealed to the public, but the comic still has a few chapter to go before it reaches the event in Injustice 2 so I look forward to them.

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