Deku is up against Shinso in the first match of the finals in Episode 20 of My Hero Academia and things ain’t looking too good for your boy….

In this episode we learned a bit more about Deku’s One for All quirk. As it turns out there’ more to the transfer of the quirk than we initially thought. It appears that once the quirk is transferred from one individual to another, some of the previous user (for lack of better word) soul is transferred along with it. What’s even interesting is that in Deku’s vision, he say’s that he saw someone who looks like All Might. Could it be his father? Or are they hinting at something to come for All Might? Something bad?

I’m leaning towards the latter here. The reason for this is because everyone that Deku saw in his vision is I presume dead, so seeing All Might in his vision could possibly mean that All Might’s time in the world is coming to a close sooner than expected. It’s just a guess here. Anyways, this is how Deku was able to break the spell he was under thanks to Shino’s quirk.


It didn’t take much after that to put Shinso out of bound. It was commented afterwards by both Bakugo and “Eraserhead” that even while under stress, Deku’s still strategies and uses his experience to overcome his obstacle. I also feel like there’s an underlining in this message regarding Shinso. You shouldn’t let anyone determine what you should do with your gift, that decision is yours and yours alone. Did anyone feel like that too or is it just me?

Now the second fight between Sero and Todoroki was short lived, but was hands down the best part of the episode. After a brief discussion with his father, a very pissed off Todoroki faces Sero in the second round and swiftly put Sero out of commission with a huge blast of ice. Todoroki was able to create such a huge amount of ice in a matter of seconds and didn’t’ even display a tiny bit of fatigue. Can you even imagine just how powerful he’d be if he ever decided to use his left side in combat? Damm!

Anyways, overall the episode was pretty good. We got a decent amount of character progression for both Deku and Todoroki, a great showcase of ability by Todoroki and dope ass facial animations overall. Let me know your thought on this episode?

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