Issue #5 of the Injustice 2 comics starts out with a bang with Superman finally free from his red sun prison…

The pentagon is under attack by the evil Batman and his suicide squad who are trying to free Superman. Warden and his unit are doing their best to hold off the intruders until the situation can be sorted by Batman.

Meanwhile Killer Croc is getting ready to munch off someone’s head when Green Arrow steps in and put a stop to it, only to have Deadshot intervene and put a gun at both Green Arrow and Black Canary. However in a twist of things Harley knocks out Deadshot and hugs both Oliver and Diana. Oliver’s reaction to all of this is the same reaction myself and I believe everyone else is having with what’s being happening in the Injustice world. Now let’s get to the good part of the comic, the interaction between the Dark Crusader and the fallen Man of Steel.


Batman finally makes it to Clark’s cell and instructs him to get back into his cell. For obvious reason, Clark declines his request and tells Wayne to “move”. Now when Batman was telling him to listen to the voice in his head that’s telling him to “stop”, at first I thought to myself “really Batman, that’s the best you got?”, but to my surprise we find out that from the moment Clark escaped his cell, one of Batman’s contingency plan was already in motion.

Batman had already instructed the Atom to enter Superman’s head and stand ready to use the small kryptonite shard on Superman if he shows even the slightest resistance. Now if I was the one calling the shots around there, I would’ve told Atom to put that sucker in his damm head and end the madness, but that would’ve been a boring way for the Injustice 2 story to conclude so we should expect a nice twist in next week’s issue.

Overall this was a pretty dope issue, its going to be interesting to see how Superman will deal with Atom in his head, hopefully it won’t be some ass pull. Also I hope we learn the identity of that evil Batman too. I’m leaning towards in being Damian Wayne or maybe but I could easily be wrong. Let me hear your guesses.



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