This episode….OMG! The plot continues to thicken with this week’s episode of  Attack on Titan Season 2: Episode 30 – Warrior as we learn the identity of both the Armour titan and the Colossal Titan.

I’ve always from the moment I saw Reiner, suspected him to be the Armour titan because of his hair but seeing it finally being confirmed along with Bertholdt as the Colossal Titan was epic and still shocking. Oh but it gets better. These two just straight up admit to been titan to Eren after being rescued and they did it in the most casual, nonchalant way possible. Anyways, we learn that everything, from the attack on the wall five years ago to the female titan incident was all planned like we suspected. You can’t trust anyone anymore. Hell even Armin could be a Titan for all we know.


So what truly is the end goal here. Reiner just said that their mission was to see the extermination of humanity but then they offered to cease their attacks if Eren came with them. Are they just recruited humans that can turned into titans, or is the plot a lot more deeper that we have been lead to believe. That scene when Reiner finally accepted his fate as a soldier sent chills to me, the animation was top tier here. The music that they used for the transformation really nailed the intensity of the moment. Mikasa coming in for that savage-ass kill was by far the the most intense shit I’ve seen form her thus far and I know for a fact there’s going to be more in the future.

It hurts me so much that there’s only going to be 12 episodes in this season and the wait will awful. However this episode was the best so far and honestly can not wait to the next episode.

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