This week’s issue of Injustice 2 , was rather fun to read…..

Honestly there isn’t much to talk about in this issue. Batman wakes up from his ass whooping and he receives a message from late Lex Luthor who has bequeathed him with all of his fortune to help rebuild the world. According to Luthor, he wants Batman to gather help and restore the world to a point where the night no longer needs “a Batman”. Then Green Arrow and Diana shows up and joins Batman in the billionaire list. Well to be more precise, Batman needs Olivers good heart and judgement rather than his wealth. Shortly after Diana proposes to Oliver. That was alright.


The reunion however was short lived as Batman gets a call from Turpin the Warden letting him know that the prison has lost power. After going back and forth debating on the likelihood of the power outage been a planned attack, we get the revelation that the cell that’s holding Superman has lost a lot of its red sun’s charge, basically allowing Superman to escape.  It’s safe to assume at this point that this is the doing of the evil Batman and his now owned Suicide Squad.


The scene with Superman in his cell, looking all menacing and dark was well executed and reveals that Superman shows no signs of turning a new leaf. Its strange, but I actually like Superman as a villain more than a hero because now we know that the fight for peace and justice won’t be an easy one (not saying that it ever was easy, but whenever Superman fights, its most likely that he’s going to win) and given the fact that there won’t’ be another multiverse fight again, its going to be very interesting to watch this story unfold.


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