Mitsuki finally makes his appearance in episode 5 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation by transferring into Boruto’s class from Hidden Sound Village, but some of the focus seems to be on Shino too….

A good junk of the episode focused a lot on Shino as a teacher. Shino has always been the forgotton character in the show and most of us thought that with him becoming a teacher, he would get the respect he so graved for himself. However it doesn’t seem to be that way at all. Shino basically gets disrespected by every single one of his student, ecxept for the class president. I actually felt awkward watching it, it was lowkey embarrassing. Now I never expected much from Shino at all but this was really bad. Anyways we see him get taken over by that dark chakra being so maybe he’ll end up doing something that will get the respect of his student, because throwing a party certainly didn’t help. Now lets talk about Mitsuki.


Mitsuki’s appearance was pretty much what I’d expected. He’s already extremely talent in ninjutsu, taijutsu and probably genjutsu as well. He overwhelmed Iwabe in sparring, almost killing him in the process and shows his genius by solving the difficult problems that Shino had presented to Boruto. He’s also aware that Boruto can see the dark chakra as he seems to be able to either see or sense it himself but I wonder, can he actually see the eye or did he make that assumption after watching Boruto’s reaction. Overall if you’ve read the Manga that was dedicated to Mitsuki, then you already know why he’s in the village and why he wondered if Boruto is his “sun”. I won’t spoil it here.

All I can say is that his behavior is drastically different from what we saw in the movie. Here in this episode, Mitsuki gave off the impression that he’s constantly “learning”, absorbing every information presented to him and processing it, like a AI. It all ties back to that special manga I mentioned and I highly recommend you read if you want the full image of Mitsuki’s character.

Overall this episode was kinda decent, it did a good job in introducing Mitsuki while adding mystery behind him. I really hope to see Shino step it up a bit and at the very least, live up to the “Konoha 11” legacy left behind by his peers.

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