So in episode Episode 88 of Dragon Ball Super we finally get to see our boy Gohan get back into step by training with Piccolo and we also got introduced to the mysterious female saiyan, Cauliflowa………..

I have to say, I was quite pleased with this week’s episode. Seeing Gohan FINALLY getting back into shape was amazing. It’s been a long time coming for sure. If anyone can get this man back into shape, its Piccolo. He demonstrated easily how he knows Gohan and where his flaws and weakness are and has all the intention to completely erase them. But my favorite part is how he kept reminding Gohan of all his loses, especially against Super Buu.

Piccolo is hands down one of the greatest teacher out there. This is why I really enjoy Dragon Ball Super, if this were Dragon Ball Z, he’d be sitting on the sidelines watching but not anymore. Dragon Ball Super has created a way for irrelevant characters to be relevant again and that’s great. I honestly hope he get the recognition he deserves during the Tournament of Power.


Now in the second half of the episode, we actually got to see the female saiyan and a name, Cauliflowa. Now the first thing we can take from this scene is her savagery she displayed. If you remember back to when we first got a look at the female saiyan, her attitude, attire and overall design is far different from what we saw today. I’m still convinced that Cauliflowa is a completely different saiyan to that of the one shown in the promo. However if she is the same person, then it would mean that she’ll have some sort of a dual personality. Or maybe she’s ruthless on the outside but on the inside she’s actually the nervous type.

Either way, I’m looking forward to learning more about Cauliflowa, and if she’s a completely knew saiyan, then that just mean we’re getting TWO new female saiyans. The more the merrier I say.

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