Episode 30 of Attack on Titan may have started out slow but the second half real picked up the pace for sure and that animation tough….

This episode started out a little slow in my opinion but overall it was a very interesting. We learned a great deal about Ymir and Historia past, mostly on Ymir. It was revealed that Historia may have some royalty in her blood but due to her been an illegitimate child, she had to take a new name.  Ymir also had a rough upbringing and that’s why she wanted to help Historia because the both share the same pain. Now there was something that confused me in this episode.

During their flashback Ymir said that was she going to reveal her secret to Historia, I assumed that she was referring to her Titan ability, but when Reiner asked Historia if she knew about it, she said that she never knew. So my guess is that she either lied about it or it may have been a completely different secret.


Now the second half of the episode definitely made up for the slow start. The action was hype as hell. Seeing Ymir’s Titan form in action was incredible. She’s definitely fast and agile and can kill a single titan easily, but it was clear that strength wasn’t her forte.

Seeing Mikasa in action again was amazing and I was also surprised to learn that this was Eren’s first Titan kill as a human. That changed my perspective on Eren, the entire time I’d assume that Eren was decent with his 3D Maneuver Gear, but nope he’s still an amateur.

After all that chaos taken care of, we see a torn up Ymir lying in the arms of Historia. Now this begs the question, will she survive her injury? Honestly, we’ve seen Eren survive hella worse situation so I betting she’ll survive her injuries and could be an great addition to the squad.

Overall this was great, the animation was god-tier for sure, there’s no denying it. Next week episode is looking like we’re going to be learning some great secret so I can’t wait for it.



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