Boruto and his classmates split off into gendered teams to capture flags placed on the roof in BORUTO: Naruto Next Generations Episode 4 but things take quite the surprising turn….

The episode starts out pretty simple with Shino teaching his class about the summoning jutsu. Later on we see that there’s a quarrel between the boys and the girls which leads to Shino deciding to organize an event that puts the boys against the girls with the goal of reach the flag. We get some pretty cool and hilarious moments from the episode which were alright to see the least


It’s what happens near the end of this episode that’s got me intrigued. During their race to the flag when Cho-Cho was about to grab the flag, out of desperation to not lose, Boruto tries the summoning jutsu in hopes to stall Cho-Cho. What he summons next was something clearly out of his league. At first look it appeared that Boruto had summoned a white snake of some sort but upon taking a closer look, my hypothesis is that Boruto actually summoned a Chimera.


If you take a closer look at the silhouette, you’ll see that it has a body and the snake-like being resides behind that body, not to mention that it roared like a lion. Yeah, there are a lot of creatures that roar but I still think that it’s a Chimera. Now how did Boruto manage to summon such a powerful beast?

My educated guess would be that just before Boruto managed to summon a toad or something of his caliber, someone else who’s been watching from the shadow intercepted the summoning process and sabotaged the jutsu. The same person who’s been leaking that chakra to innocent bystanders. Either that or there’s more to Boruto than meets the eye. First his weird Dojutsu and now this? He’s already more powerful than Naruto was at his age.

Look your guess is as good as mine at this point, the only thing I feel certain about is the Chimera thing. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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