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OK, Issue 3 or Chapter 3 of the Injustice 2 comics has gotten me all types of hyped up….

This issue continues on after Batman pulled up on Amanda Waller and Rick Flag. It’s clear as day now that this isn’t Batman as he proceeds to kill off all the villains that he deems useless. After cleaning up the trash, he takes the remaining inmates and just straight up walks out of the pentagon. It’s here that we get the twist most of us were kinda anticipating since issue #2, the arrival of the real Batman. This raises the question then, who the hell is the other guy?


The two Bat’s duke it out for a bit but it was clear after a few panels, the evil Batman had the upper hand in this fight. Before long evil Batman won the fight and had left Batman on the ground out cold. Now during their confrontation though, this evil Batman said some really interesting things, he states that Batman doesn’t deserve his title, and that he’s too old for this role.

Now I absolutely have no idea who this could be, I wanna say Damian Wayne but he doesn’t have that physique to pull of that costume. My other guess is Jason Todd, maybe this is their way to tease us of that possibility of him making it into Injustice 2. Either way I’m hyped as hell right now. Let me know your guess!

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