Nothing much happens in this week’s  episode 87 on Dragon Ball Super in terms of action but we did get a closer look into Android 17 personality so that’s always good….

There’s not much to say about what happened in this episode. Goku and Android 17 chase after some space poacher who turns out to not even be a major threat and gets taken out rather quickly. What this episode did well instead is to delve deeper into Androids 17 character a bit more after 86. My view on No.17 has drastically changed after these two episodes. I’m truly excited to see what No. 17 will bring to the table in the Tournament of Power.


His motives seems to circle one simple idea, he wants an easier life for himself and his family. He’s a family man. Even after been told what the super dragon balls can do and its unlimited powers, all Android 17 wants is a 5 million dollar boat so that him and his family can spend the rest of their life sailing the seas. I honestly hope he gets to live that dream. Although I wouldn’t recommend using the super dragon balls for that kind of wish, the plain ol’ earth dragon balls can accomplish that easily.

Honestly I’m looking forward to Dragon Ball Super episode 88 instead, that seems to be more of an interesting episode. Still this episode wasn’t too bad either. It did it’s job well re-introducing No.17 to those who may have forgotten him. We also got a small moment of Beerus anxiety kicking in, dreaming about Goku been killed and Vegeta getting fed up with these gods using his home a hotel. These moments are always welcomed.

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