I have to say, the more I watch My Hero Academia Season 2, the more hyped I get for the next episode to come…

This episode did a great job in staying true to the source material. The animation, facial expression and overall quality was top notch. The humor was executed extremely well too, I had a smile at every comical scene in this episode.

So in this episode, Deku finally realizes what it feels like to be the center of attention and having the whole world’s eyes on top of you. Seeing Deku going from being mocked for not having any quirks to been taken seriously as a rival felt gratifying. It’s even impressive when you realize he’s competing while not using his quirk.


Besides that we also saw the different levels of strategies been crafted on the spot based on everyone’s quirk and experience. With Deku and his mobility plan to say away from everyone’s grasp, Bakugo’s straight up assault and Class B’s long term strategy in scoping out the competition during the round preliminary rounds, they’re making it clear that raw power won’t be enough to be a hero. Strategy and teamwork is essential for any upcoming hero.

It’s going be interesting to see how Deku will handle the pressure of been a wanted target, while dealing with both Todoroki and Bakugo and Class B’s strategy. Overall I enjoyed this episode very much and look forward to the next one.

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