Last episode we saw the introduction of Iwabe Yuino, someone who’s repeated the academy twice and challenged Boruto to a fight, this week we get introduced to Metal Lee….

So it’s clear as day now that there is an evil force at work here, targeting and affecting anyone who feels any sort of negative emotion. The question now is why? The silhouette doesn’t match anyone that we know, which rules out the possibility of it being Orochimaru so who it may be something we won’t find out for a while.

metal lee 3.png

Anyways, we got a closer look at Metal Lee’s personality in this episode. Honestly we didn’t learn too much about Metal, well not to the extend that I would’ve wanted at least. He’s an exceptional ninja, who’s hard-working and dedicated to perfect his art. However, whenever he’s put under limelight, he becomes nervous and loses his balance. I would’ve liked to at least learn why or what led to him becoming so nervous or at the very least learn about his parents but maybe that will come in the future.

metal lee 2

There’s isn’t much to discuss in this week’s episode to be honest, besides witnessing Temari’s motherhood in action, which was fun to see, everything else was pretty standard.

The dark chakra that attaches itself to anyone that feels negative emotion, found itself to Metal Lee after being told some hurtful truth by Shikadai. This lead to us getting to see just how skillful Metal Lee is as a ninja, even getting a glimpse at what I believed to be a “gate” being opened but it was hard to tell whether it was gate being opened or the dark chakra powering Metal up. Either way, Metal was able to hold his own against any of his peers easily, putting him on top of his class without a doubt.

Overall it was pretty good episode, not great but not bad either. Hopefully in the future we’ll learn more about Metal Lee.

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