Since issue 2 of Injustice 2 came out recently, I thought I’d review both comics at once to catch up and oh boy was it good…

In case you weren’t aware, DC is doing a prequel to the upcoming Injustice 2 game, my most anticipated game of this year and the comics basically fills in the gap between the first and the second game. So let’s get started.

Chapter One starts out with Batman talking to a defeated Superman in his prison. Their dialogue overall was interesting, with Superman not regretting what he’s done but wishing that Batman had joined him in his cause for a “peaceful” world. It’s weird to see Superman in prison, talking like this. It’s almost like he’s a completely different character.

He also states how Batman will end up controlling the world rather than help it, which is pretty interesting seeing as one of the first initial trailer for the game had Batman in front of dozens of monitors, basically spying on the very people he swore to protect.

However as their dialogue continues, we get more deeper look on just how far Superman has fallen. He teases Batman on his failure to save Alfred and all the robins and even went further on to bring up his parents, all in an effort to get under Batman’s skin. Of course, Batman just takes it all in and just walks away…like a boss.


Outside we see Haley waiting for Batman. Here we get another interesting dialogue. Batman actually admits that everything Superman said is true and if he isn’t monitored, he could end up doing what Superman predicts. I feel like this might be how Injustice 2 will start out, which could’ve given birth to the Society as a result. Later on Haley gets kidnapped by the Suicide Squad and the first chapter concludes there.

The next chapter, chapter 2, wasn’t all that interesting expect for the very few pages at the end so I’ll quickly recap on it. Fate pays Green Arrow and Black Canary a visit. After a misunderstanding which honestly could’ve have been avoided, he tells them that they can go home. That’t really it. Now back at the Suicide Squad secret handout, Haley is been informed that she has a bomb in her head if she doesn’t’ cooperate, they’ll detonate it.

Of course Haley being Haley, she didn’t give a fuck about it and instead tells them that they’re fucked for kidnapping her. Soon Batman shows up and what happened next caught me off guard. Within seconds, Batman unleashes a barrage of bullets on everyone in the hideout.  Everyone knows that Batman doesn’t use guns and he sure as hell doesn’t kill villains so what’s going on? Also that panel reminded me of Flashpoint Batman (Thoman Wayne). Normally I’d say its an impostor, but since this is Injustice we’re talking about, it could be the first step in Batman descent to being a mad overseer.


That scene alone got me EXTREMELY hyped for the game and for the rest of this comic series. Overall these first two chapter are pretty damm dope. Let me know your thoughts in the comments on whether or not that was Batman that ran up on these guys.

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