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It looks like some info about Bandai Namco’s next project has surfaced online and from the sounds like it might be pretty cool…

According to Esuteru, Code Vein is a ARPG game set in a ruined future. You are a Revenant, a vampire that gains powers “in exchange of their memory.” It is also stated that if your character is running low on blood, it will cause you to turn into a Lost. Not sure what that means exactly, one can only assume that you’ll become a hollow, similar to what happens to a character in Dark Souls.

Thanks to Famigeki for these HD scans

You can play cooperatively with friends or ‘buddies’ to explore dungeons in order to discover the truth of the world. I’m not huge fan of Vampires, more of a Werewolf fan but it does sound kinda cool.

Code Vein will be officially be revealed on April 20. I’ll update this page once that reveal has been made.

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