Just when we thought we were only going to get one female saiyan, it turns out that we might be getting another one in Dragon Ball Super…

Thanks to YonkouProductions, we got our first look at the supposed new female saiyan. However many are speculating that this may be the first female saiyan that was revealed a while back in her earlier concept. I personally don’t think so, I believe that this is in fact a new saiyan. As most of us will remember, Champa made a request to Cabba to bring more saiyan to help Universe 6 in their effort to win and this may be the result.

Also why would they show us an earlier concept of a character that as yet to even make an appearance on Super, not to mention that if it really was just an earlier concept art, they would have just stated so. Honestly I really hope that this is a new saiyan as I am really liking this design, especially the hair, its dope! Let me know your thought on this.


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