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Episode 16 of My Hero Academia really did a great job in demonstrating everyone’s strength as heroes…

This episode was great. The pacing was right, and took the time to highlight most of the hero’s quirk really well. However, the most impressive one had to be Deku. As a kid who couldn’t use his quirk yet, he relied heavily on his natural intelligence and resourcefulness to make the most out of his situation. That was the highlight of the episode.

Yeah you could bank it as just pure dumb luck that he made it 1st, but if he hadn’t improvised when he did and adapted to his situation, he surely would have came last. Bakugo and Todoroki also showed incredible amount of talent during the race, each displaying their quirk with mastery, but the most epic part of the episode was to see all three of them make a mad dash for the finish line.

My Hero Academia - EP16 - Still 01

Now the next episode’s going to be interesting to see how Deku’s going to deal with the fact that he’s accumulated ten million point and a primarily target to his fellow students in the cavalry battle. The visual and animation in this weeks episode was top notch and seeing everything finally animated was a great treat for me and anyone who’s read the manga.

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