This week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super was rather interesting and gave us a lot to look forward to in the future…

As Goku continued on his search for Android 17, he had an interesting dialogue with Dende. Dende has basically confirmed that Uub, the reincarnation of Evil Kid Buu has been reborn and in the near future Goku will have to help him master his own power. As most Dragon Ball fan know, the original Dragon Ball Z series ended with Goku taking Uub to train so it will be interesting to see how they’ll recon their encounter again in Super.

Moving on we finally get to see Android 17 and learn what he’s been doing with his life after been resurrected by the Dragon Balls. As it turns out, he’s become a much stronger fighter since the Cell days and was even able to hold his own against SSJB Goku while reserving some energy.


Now before everyone jumps to conclusion and calls 17 a god or the episode bullshit, keep in mind that Goku too was holding back and clearly wasn’t going around killing his friends and possible allies. Anyways the episode did a pretty great job in showcasing Android 17’s new character and personality. He’s embodied the same sense of respect for wildlife that Android 16 once did and even has a wife and three children, two of which are adopted.

Naturally, in any situation where the hero reaches his last destination or mission, there’s always a roadblock to over come and with this case its the same. Android 17 refuses to go with Goku, even while knowing that if he doesn’t participate there’s a possibility the entire universe will be wiped out. Obviously we know that he joins up with Goku thanks to the promos so all that remains is knowing what convinced him to fight.

The episode ends with alien poaches arriving to earth to claim the horns of that minotaurous. Overall the visual in this episode was particularly great. The shading, contrast and they way they did the sunset all help create a pretty vibrate episode. I wasn’t too fond of the fighting animation this time around but it pales in comparison to the rest of the episode. Really hype to see next week’s episode.

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