Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 27 – I’m Home continues from where it left off, with Sasha and Conor both desperately trying to reach their homes and warn the villagers of their impending doom…

This episode focuses mostly on Sasha’s struggle to reach her father in time to warn him of the Titans that where heading in his direction.  Before that we did get a small scene of Eren and his squad travelling along with that Priest, Pastor Nick, who still refuses to spill the beans on those Titans in the wall. It was stated by Hange that she thinks that whatever secret this man holds with him, might possibly be greater than the survival of the entire human race and that’s why he’s gone mute. That’s pretty interesting to me and would explain how he’s able to just sit and watch his fellow humans die like that. I can’t wait to learn more about this secret of his and later watch him get killed off because right now he’s lowkey getting on my nerves.


Moving on, we get a quick back story of Sasha’s past learn a little bit more about her personality, and we both know that when any character gets a flashback in this show, their time has come and I was dreading that fact. Sasha has slowly become one of my favorite character so I wasn’t to enthusiastic to see her get killed off so soon. During her flashback, she remembers her father, discussing the fact that human beings have always been pack animals and when push come to shove, humanity always bands together. That’s true, right now we ain’t getting along so well but if kaijus invade or a world disaster occurs, you can bet your left toe we’re squading up to survive that shit. It’s kinda sad though to think that it takes something bad to get humans to work together but thats  the reality of it I guess, moving on.

Now after the flashback, Sasha makes it back to her home, which is now a bigger village and finds a house nearby. What we saw next took me by surprise. Bruh, for a split second, I thought that, that was a normal man, biting down on an innocent women, while the child sat and watched this cannibalism in action. I was like, “Damm,  it’s that bad that you gotta resort to cannibalism?” As it turns out, it was in fact a weirdly sized titan munching on that poor lady. Sasha tried to save her which proved to be ineffective, so then ended up taking the small traumatized girl with her.

Obviously things go wrong and the Titan starts chasing after her, forcing Sasha to hold off the Titan while the small girl escapes. She manages to blind the Titan but ended up getting caught in a bear hug….or titan hug in this case. This is where I thought she was gonna die but she luckily escapes the titan and rendezvous with the other group.


Conor on the other hand, doesn’t get much luck with finding his family, but instead encounters a big googly eyed titan on top of where his family’s housed used to be.

Overall this episode was pretty good. We got a good development for Sasha, got a nice message of being yourself and not given a fuck about what others have to say and an epic titan escape to boost. Let me know your thought on this week’s episode.

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