Can we talk about this episode 26 of Attack On Titan Season 2 because I can’t get over how fucking amazing that episode was and that Beast Titan scene….

So before I start, let me just say this: I HAVE NOT READ THE MANGA. So don’t get mad at me if I don’t know something you do. I personally chose to not read the manga so I could get the full experience while watching the anime. Cool? Cool!

So episode 26 continues where it left us, with the reveal of the Wall Titan. As it turns out, every single wall contains a giant sleepy-looking titan holding the structure up. I have so many questions about that. Like originally when I started watching this anime, I’ve always pondered how humanity were able to even build those walls without a titan crashing the construction but now I think, that maybe, titans helped create those walls. It’s the only explanation I can think of right now. It also doesn’t help that the Priest knew something about those Wall Titan and was willing to die to hide that secret.


Right then we get to see what happened 12 hours before that event with Connie, Sasha, and the rest of the Corps stationed at Wall Sina. That’s when they heard news about the breach of Wall Rose. The Corp form a party of four teams and set off to escape the incoming titans. This is were shit hits the fan. These titans must have hit a speed boost on their way because they went 0 to 100 real quick trying to reach Sasha and the others and that scene reminded just how freaky these titans can be.


Now lets get to the pinnacle of this episode, Mike’s encounter with the Beast Titan. That has to be one of the top most gruesome way for anyone to die. Like I wouldn’t wish that fate unto my worst enemies. The detail of that was horrific and amazing at the same time. I also found it very interesting that all those titans obeyed that Beast Titan with he exception of that one weird looking one. Kinda ties in the fact that these titans have an actual agenda.

Overall that was great first episode for season 2. It kinda sucks that we won’t get a full 24 episode but with quality like this, one can forgive them. Let’s hope that the wait for the other 12 episodes will be minimized because I don’t think the fanbase can tolerate another 4 years of wait.

Let me know your thoughts on the episode.

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