After months of recaps, we finally have some new story content in the Boruto Manga story and things are already looking interesting….

Now there wasn’t much to talk about in this week’s chapter so I’ll keep this review as short as possible and just talk about some of the key moments from this chapter that interested me. Let’s start with the conversation between Sasuke and Boruto.

So as it turns out, whatever Momoshinki did to Boruto, it seems that the curse mark on Boruto’s hand is in fact affecting Boruto’s body to some degree, and not in a positive way. We weren’t told just how its impacting his body but if I were to guess by how Sasuke described it, it may be that Boruto’s body is changing as a result of that curse mark been placed on his palm. Now whether or not he’ll go through a painful transformation like how Sasuke did remains to be seen but it is interesting nonetheless.


Another possibly explanation is that it could be impacting his flow of chakra, given him an extra hurdle to overcome in the future as a result. We know he eventually learns how to use that power so it’ll be interesting to watch him master it in the future.

I also found it interesting that Sasuke’s rinnegan is impervious to time manipulation. That eye of his is full of surprises and I wouldn’t be surprised if we get new powers introduced in future mangas.

Skipping a few pages, we learned that Toono Katasuke, the guy who made the ninja tools cheat gadgets, previously thought to be working out of self-interest, was in fact under a genjutsu and acting in accords to someone’s benefit. Now the current suspect is a guy by the name of “Corpse Clone Shojoji” and he’s currently one of the top ninja on the bingo book. Judging from his description, I don’t think he’s a laughing matter either.


A ninja that can kill and absorb the memories, skills and powers of a ninja sounds like a major threat, and has the potentially to even pose a threat to the hokage if not dealt with in time. Who knows, maybe he’ll be somewhat of a major villain to Boruto, similarly to how Zabuza was to Naruto. Although I doubt that will happen since it’s been made clear that Boruto will walk is own path as a ninja. Either I do hope to see this Corpse Clone guy in action soon and see what he’s capable.

Besides the Naruto Blazing content aka those ninja cards thing which I though was pretty cool, the chapter was pretty interesting. I still can’t get over the art-style but I’m sure I’ll get used to it in time. Cool chapter nonetheless. Let me know what you think of the manga.

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