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I just saw the new trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming and so far it’s great but I do have some small concerns about it….

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. I watched the trailer 5x times and each time I did, I had a freaking smile on my face. The humour is there for sure, I wasn’t laughing my ass off or anything but I did crack a smile so I’m hoping that this will increase when I watch the full movie. The only thing that I’m a tiny bit concerned with is the involvement of Tony Stark. Don’t get me wrong, he my favorite Marvel character (second to my boy spidey of course) but I hope he won’t make too much of a cameo.

I also got this Iron Man 2 vibe from the villain for some odd reason. You know, poor genius envies rich asshole. I don’t it could just be me. Either the trailer did show a little too much but I can’t get mad for watching it. I did have the option to opt out from watching it. I hope this will be the last reboot for the Spider-man franchise. Tom Holland seems to be the perfect candidate to bring Peter Parker to live, judging from the trailer. Hope I’m not wrong.

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