In the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super (Episode 83), we learned something quite interesting about the universe that Goku resides in, and this new Intel may in fact change how we view the universes in Dragon Ball in its entirety…

OK so in episode 83 of Dragon Ball Super, while discussing how they will to find suitable fighters for the Tournament of Power, the supreme kai stated that in their universe (Universe 7), there’s currently only 28 planets with mortal life in them. This leads me to question if the Dragon Ball Universe is in fact as big as we’ve been lead to believe.


In the real world, the Universe as been theorized to be least 91 billion light-years in diameter, containing what seems to be a near infinite amount of planets, moons, minor planets, stars, galaxies, and so much more that’s yet to be discovered. In our reality, it’s simply unfathomable to think that only 28 planets could possibly contain life on it but that’s seems to be the case in the fictional world of Dragon Ball.

Heck, even Jaco agrees that the universe is incredibly massive or as he put it “ludicrously huge”. So 28 planets with mortal life? You see how crazy that sounds.


p03xsw49So with all that stated above, one could make the argument that Goku’s universe may in fact be a lot smaller what was lead to be believed, like a pocket dimension in a sense. Pocket dimensions are fictional naturally or artificially-created universes that exist within the bounds of another universe.

This would explain the multiple universes in Dragon Ball and how they are all connected. Which would also mean that the universe that Goku resides might not be the main actual Universe that holds all of time and space and its contents. It also would explain how Beerus and Goku fighting would have the power to destroy the universe that they’re in.


But this raises several questions, just how big is Goku’s universe to only have 28 planets on it? We’re talking about a universe here, it’s just doesn’t add up. Before we talk about that, there is an counter argument that can be made. During the Exhibition Match between Universe 7 & 9, the grand priest made a statement saying that both 7 & 9 had the lowest average mortal level among all of the universes.

This makes things a little more complicated to figure things out as we don’t know how this was calculated. The other universes could easily have less planets with extremely high moral or huge amount of planets with good to abysmal moral level than Universe 7, making their average level greater than Universe 7 in comparison.


Let’s not forget that, not even the supreme kai knows everything about the universe ( believe it or not) and could have just focused on his own eastern area of both the living and the other worlds in the universe. Either way it does make the universe in Dragon Ball seem much smaller than before in my opinion. We won’t know for sure until its better elaborated in the anime but to expect an explanation there, you’re better off waiting on the manga since that’s been doing a much better show at filling up some of the plot holes.


There’s also the argument that the Universe may be a lot younger than we thought. It could just be that all the universes have just been recently created by Zeno and are just now sort of spawning lifes. That might also explain why Zeno killed off some of the other universes, those could have been the first few he made and like any person who just created something, there’s good chance you’ll most likely scrap it to start again.

That might also explain the role of a god of destruction, to clean out any planet that does not spawn anything satisfying, along with dealing with threats to existence or stability of their universe or universes. These are just some of the theories I have come up with so far.

This a very interesting information that could very well change how we view the universes in Dragon Ball. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

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